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Clearing a clogged drain may be only one part of the process. Poe's Plumbing and Backflow in Royal Oaks, California also uses video locating to reveal what clogged your drains in the first place. A drain camera can also be used to find lost jewelry that fell down your drain!
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6/10/2015 Rahbecka G. - Watsonville, C
Called and Scott answered to our emergent situation! We had roofers accidentally cut the pipes leading to a solar water heater on the roof and our renters had no hot water. He was efficient and to the point and we will definitely keep his name and number around for any future issues that may arise. He said he had been doing this for 10 years and was 3rd generation in the plumbing business. We were very appreciative of his services.

Video Inspection/ Locating

The plumbing system in your home can be extensive, with many hidden, underground and hard-to-reach areas that need regular inspections and maintenance. For these situations, Plumbing video inspection extends the visual reach of your plumbing professional, allowing us to see and evaluate the condition of pipes and drains without the need for expensive digging or pipe removal.

Plumbing video inspection is the process of putting a small video camera inside the plumbing system, including sewer and storm drains. This camera is attached to a mobile wheeled base at the end of a long cable or wire.
The video camera returns detailed images of the inside of your plumbing system. We are able to manipulate through the camera your pipes to identify problems such as:
  • Broken seals or connections
  • Holes, cracks, splits, detachments and other leaks
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Blockages such as paper, tree roots, sewage or other material
  • Pipe damage, including offset. sunken, collapsed, bent or broken pipes
  • Outdated or unacceptable piping material
When we can accurately pinpoint the source of leaks or other plumbing problem, we can concentrate on repairing the problem at that exact location. This prevents the need for exploratory digging or other expensive techniques that can be frustratingly slow, costly and inaccurate. The camera unit itself can be used to send a radio signal that can be received from equipment on the surface, providing a high level of accuracy in locating pipe problems.