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"Backflow" is a term in plumbing for an unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. Sewage can actually flow the wrong way and possibly contaminate a water source. For this reason, building codes mandate a series of measures and backflow prevention devices to prevent backflow.
Poe's Plumbing & Backflow is certified to test, diagnose, repair & install the operation of different types of backflow prevention devices for both residential and commercial buildings. Call us today!

Three Certified Backflow Technicians on Staff

Backflow Testing - Repair - Installation - Certification

Backflow Testing is a necessary and beneficial way of protecting out drinking water from across contamination. When Pollutant might otherwise escape into our water system, a Backflow Device will stop it and keep our drinking water safe.

When you receive notice from your Local Water Agency that you Annual Test is due, contact Poe's Plumbing & Backflow. We have 3 Backflow Certified Technicians on Staff to take care of your testing needs.

Rest assured the test will be done thoroughly and at your convenience. We will submit all paperwork to your local water agency for complete compliance. You will also receive a copy of the testing for your records.

Our plumbing technicians are trained and knowledgeable in Testing, Repair, and Installation of Backflow Prevention devices, for both commercial and residential.


11/27/2015 David D. - Monterey, CA
I had a home warranty claim with American home Shield ( Home warranty provider). Scott from Pope's plumbing came out. I had other plumbers come out form American home Shield before and they were pretty questionable. Scott and his crew fixed six items in my house - flawlessly. One things for certain I will personally request Scott and Popes plumbing if I ever have any plumbing issues in the future. If you ever have any plumbing needs call Scott he's the bomb